Lists all (or one) customers.

Endpoint URL

Authentication and rate limits

Authentication methodOAuth 2.0 Bearer token
Rate limitRate Limit

Requests Example

curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer $BEARER_TOKEN'

Query Parameters

  • company (integer) --

    The ID of the specific company your API is calling. For accounts with only one company, the default value is 1.
    To lookup a specific company ID, see the List Company API.

  • id (integer) --

    Optional if you want to list a specific customer ID. The id parameter is passed as part of the request url /customer/$id/.

Response Syntax

  "id": integer,
  "name": "string",
  "category": {
    "id": integer,
    "name": "string"
  "contact_person": {
    "name": "string",
    "email": "string",
    "type": "account_management"|"billing"|"executive"|"sales"|"support"|"technical"
  "address_line_1": "string",
  "address_line_2": "string",
  "city": "string",
  "state_province": "string",
  "zip_postal_code": "string",
  "country": "string",
  "phone": "string",
  "mobile": "string",
  "fax": "string",
  "website": "string",
  "general_description": "string",
  "nda_signed": true|false,
  "nda_signed_date": "string",
  "msa_signed": true|false,
  "msa_signed_date": "string",
  "supplementary_description": "string",
  "additional_description": "string",
    "id": integer,
         key: value,...

Response Fields

  • id (integer) --

    The ID of the customer.

  • name (string) --

    The name of the customer.

  • category (dict) --

    The description of the category properties.

    • id (integer) --

      The ID of the category.

    • name (string) --

      The name of the category.

  • contact_person (dict) --

    The description of the contact person properties.

    • name (string) --

      The name of the contact person.

    • email (string) --

      The email of the contact person.

    • type (string) --

      The type of the contact person.

  • address_line_1 (string) --

    The address line 1 of the customer.

  • address_line_2 (string) --

    The address line 2 of the customer.

  • city (string) --

    The city associated to the customer.

  • state_province (string) --

    The state/province associated to the customer.

  • zip_postal_code (string) --

    The zip/postal code associated to the customer.

  • country (string) --

    The country associated to the customer.

  • phone (string) --

    The phone of the customer.

  • mobile (string) --

    The mobile of the customer.

  • fax (string) --

    The fax of the customer.

  • general_description (string) --

    The general description of the customer.

  • nda_signed (boolean) --

    Whether the NDA has been signed by the customer.

  • nda_signed_date (string) --

    The NDA signed date by the customer.

  • msa_signed (boolean) --

    Whether the MSA has been signed by the customer.

  • msa_signed_date (string) --

    The MSA signed date by the customer.

  • supplementary_description (string) --

    The supplementary description of the customer.

  • additional_description (string) --

    The additional description of the customer.

  • template (dict) --

    The description of the custom field properties.

    • id (integer) --

      The ID of the custom field template.

    • fields (dict) --

      The custom fields and their values as defined in the custom field template. The data type of each custom field value varies depending on its definition.