All API requests should be made to the /api/v2/ prefix, and will return the response in JSON format along with standard HTTP success or error status codes. For errors, we will also include additional details about what went wrong encoded in the response body. For example:

    "detail": "company is required"

HTTP Verbs

Revnue utilizes standard CRUD verbs for our web APIs:

GETRequest used for retrieving a resource
POSTRequest used for creating a resource
PUTRequest used for updating a resource
DELETERequest used for deleting a resource

HTTP Status Codes

The various HTTP status codes we might return are listed below:

200OKThe request was successful
201CreatedThe resource was successfully created
400Bad RequestBad Request
401UnauthorizedThe API key is invalid or user is not authorized
404Not foundThe resource does not exist
405Method Not AllowedThe HTTP method is not allowed
429Too Many RequestsThe rate limit was exceeded.
50XInternal Server ErrorAn error occurred with our API endpoint