The Revnue Rate Limit is a method that limits the amount of traffic or data that can be provided to an API in a specific time period. It is an essential component of any API system that ensures the API's availability and performance for all users. An API might be overwhelmed by heavy traffic if rate limiting is not used, resulting in reduced performance or even failures.

Revnue API is a sophisticated tool that allows developers to access and change data from Revnue. However, without rate limiting, unscrupulous users may exploit the API or good users may mistakenly overuse it. As a result, revnue rate limiting should be implemented to safeguard the API and assure its availability.

To ensure the best performance for our users, Revnue currently limits 100 requests per 1-minute window to all our web API endpoints. This limit applies to the entire account, regardless of the agent making calls. An error response will be returned when an account has exceeded the rate limit.

Retry-AfterThe number of seconds until the rate limit window resets. This header is only returned when the rate limit is reached for an account.

Example rate limit error response:

    "detail": "Request was throttled. Expected available in 40 seconds."

If your organization needs a higher rate limit, please reach out to [email protected] for options to increase this value.